Sunday, 4 December 2016

Stuff I'm Grateful For - 2016

Now hold on, don't break the tissues out just yet, this isn't going to be a fricking 'gather round the fire and sing Kumbaya' moment.

Nah, I just thought that, given how, um, "challenging" this year has been, and just a little bit grim to boot, it might pay for me to be mindful of the good things in my life, and share them with you knuckleheads :)... before I drink myself to death, to be found naked, bloated, and alone, leaving something for the cats to feast on...

So first up, really, I am so grateful that my mum is now safe, happy, and as well as can be, with 24 hour care in Cunliffe House.

I'm also grateful to all those wonderful, caring government (yes, I said government) and medical professionals that helped me get mum sorted; to the Canterbury District Health Board, thank you so much for actually giving a shit and quickly assessing the situation mum was actually in. To Dr Paul at the Papanui Medical Centre, thank you for looking after my mum for so long and for getting that scan done so fast, and to Alzheimers Canterbury, thanking you for laying it out straight and helping me to understand what's coming.

Grim, just fucking grim, and despite the strain and pressure of having to place my career pretty much on hold, the move back to Canterbury has been worth seeing my savings disappear quicker than the polar ice caps, just to see the smile on mum's face when we go for coffee, and the total and positive change in her demeanor now she is looked after so well.

And speaking of career, I am grateful to Assurity Consulting and Grant Thornton, who threw me enough work to see me through the year, and Crystal Consulting who enabled me to achieve a career milestone in any case, becoming certified as a P3M3 Assessor.

I am grateful for my friends, wherever you may be, who listened, emailed, or played 'stoopid wargames' with me, and for the jams with the experimental band; much appreciated considering I have been the worst company for the last 12 months.

Which brings me to fluffy and furry things with four legs.

I am grateful to Andrea for providing two awesome horses to ride, and to James for putting me on to Andrea in the first place.
Ricco - super star extraordinaire.
I have no idea why I can't stop this stupid, expensive sport and having such wonderful horses to just turn up to and ride, has been the highlight of my year -second only to mum not walking into traffic without looking... again, now she is being looked after.

Felix, he may be 19 and retired, but he can truly negotiate a beautiful contact.
Speaking of knuckleheads, I'm grateful for these muffins.

One of the reasons I remain relatively sane! I have conditioned them so well that I can now truly suspend my belief and pretend that they really do look after me... and aren't just waiting for me to kark it... anyone one for another slice of Dave? No I couldn't possibly, meow.

There are so many things I am grateful for really, my health, family, hobbies and the ability to do them, time to write those novels... that no one has read, so many things...

So I just wanted to say GET ME THE FUCK OUT OF HERE!!!!!!

I've been a good son and caring family member all year, all fucking year, really and I've not listed or whined about the sheer plethora and magnitude of complete shit that I have had to deal with for the last few years.

And I haven't been laid for 12 months. 12 fucking months! 12 long, cold, dark, lonely months and I'm not even that old and ugly! I want my mojo back before there's no lead in my pencil!

I even found myself walking around the house this morning singing 'I'm so bored' to the original theme tune from Hawaii 5 0! Please, please, please, please, please, someone get me the fuck out of this weird arse place my life has traveled to (rhetorical BTW).

Sigh... am better now... just needed to get that off my chest... I am seriously grateful for the things I have mentioned here and know that I'll flow into some cool consulting or something soon, I always do.

And to be fair I did achieve a personal goal in amongst the maelstrom of 2016. Two years single... sounds like the kinda thing an alcoholic would say... but I set the goal for a change of modus operandi and stuck with it.

Now, roll on 2017 FFS.


  1. Hey Dave, I hear ya. If you want a change of scene I have spare bedroom in Martinborough and horses you could ride and nice land to ride over. Come visit any time. It's Helen McLeay btw

  2. foul mouthed sweetie! I'm quite pleased that we've managed to cross paths once more.

  3. Thanks so much Helen! When I can get up to WLG, that'd be cool. And thanks Nick, me too, sometimes its the little things - like toy soldiers and mates - that maintain equlibrian. Also, there is a warning at the top of the blog for those faint of heart ;D

  4. Sounds like I'll have to get you and Nick around for another game and bs session, holidays coming up! Take care man.